Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The attractive offer of 72 virgins

                                                     (pic source: Indian Express)

“I am heading towards martyrdom”, a terrorist told his crying mother over phone while on a mission to launch an attack in Pathankot, Punjab, India.  The terrorists on such missions are aware that they would never return alive. 

It is not easy to convince a person to give up their life because everyone wants to live. So the terrorists’ recruiters employ multi-tier strategy to prepare men for suicide mission. First of all they are totally cut off from the mainstream society so that they do not get exposed to modern rational viewpoint, they are then gradually fed with dollops of hate messages and visuals till they are transformed into killers.

Besides these and most importantly all the recruits are given a hope and a lucrative offer which is too difficult for them to resist and i.e. the opportunity to reside in heaven and enjoy sex with 72 gorgeous virgins. For people who have bodily concept of life for them sex is the utmost pleasure and too difficult to resist. 

Terrorism is flourishing in places where intolerance is at its peak, alternative worldview is not allowed to flourish, where books especially of other religions are banned, where people of other faiths are marginalised and subsequently eliminated.

Vedas inform that as Kaliyuga will progress irreligion will become religion and religion will become irreligion (Srimad Bhagavagtam 12.2.1). And we see today its happening.  Terrorism has become religion for many and whether we like it or not there are people who support the terrorists and eulogize their ideology. 

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