Saturday, January 2, 2016

Let us make a journey to Krishna’s pleasure mine


How beautiful our life would have been if every day would be filled with joy and just joy. When in life there would not be any fear of calamity, no fear of betrayal, no fear of losing our loved ones - life with full of hope, full of happiness and no anxiety.

However in spite of all our wishful thinking the world where we currently dwell in sadly does not provide us a luxury of being happy every moment because this world is filled with duality where happiness and  sadness walk side by side and have equal right on our life. None in this world, no matter who he or she is, would say that they haven’t experienced any unpleasant moment in his or her life.

But as a sentient being when we suffer adversity then should not we question as why suffering is inevitable in this world? Why can’t the rising sun daily brings us tonnes of happiness, why can’t every moment of the day is delightful and why can’t every night is extremely satisfying.
But it does not really happen and Krishna too confirms in Gita that just like summer and winter accompany each other similarly happiness and distress will always be parts and parcel of our life and he asks us to tolerate it (Bhagavad Gita 2.14). Lest we not get into a depression zone thinking that our quest for perennial happiness will never ever be realized scriptures informs us that this condition of ours is temporary and will trouble us as long as we are engaged in our mortal body. As soon as we understand that we are souls, parts and parcels of the supreme Lord we immediately become oblivious to worldly pleasure and pains. And as soon as we start connecting ourselves to the supreme Lord we simultaneously connect ourselves to the inexhaustible pleasure mine which ensures that for the rest of life we would not be happiness deprived.  

And when the time comes for us to leave this body and this material world we do not become morose, depressed or broken hearted because death reunites us with our family members of the spiritual world where they eagerly wait for us. In the spiritual world there is joy and just joy which we continuously look for, pray for and desire for. 

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