Friday, January 16, 2015

Krishna is the original source of all happiness

Happiness manifests when our heart stops hankering for the things of this temporary world and stops lamenting for worldly possessions which we failed to achieve in our life’s journey, when our mind gives up its mindless obsession for material positions and accepts the position of a humble servant of Krishna, when our eyes crave for a glimpse of Krishna, ears longs to hear the names of Krishna, tongue continuously sing the glories of Krishna and heart gets saturated with the thoughts of Krishna.

Since the time we come out of our mother’s womb we start looking for happiness everywhere and it is quite natural because as a soul we are pleasure seekers – ananda mayo bhyasat.  However our effort will go in vain if we search in the wrong direction and at a wrong place.

A bulb will not illuminate by merely switching it on but it will lit only if it is properly connected to the main supply line of the house which in turn is connected to the powerhouse where electricity is generated. Similarly happiness will elude us unless and until we connect ourselves to the source of all the pleasure in this world. Scriptures say that Krishna, the Supreme Lord, is the origin of all happiness in this world. This is why Krishna is also called as Govinda; one of the meanings of Govinda is one who gives pleasure to the senses.  The moment we connect ourselves to Krishna our heart starts getting flooded with transcendental pleasure; Krishna’s presence fills our life with colours.

History is filled with examples of transcendentalists who wilfully gave up their promising materialistic career and future and absorbed themselves in devotion of the Supreme Lord because this world failed to impress them and they found supreme satisfaction only at the Lords’ feet. As one gets closer to God one feels divine bliss and one’s love for the Lord increases manifold. A lover of the Lord continuously chants the names of the Lord and joyfully share the message and wonderful activities of the Lord with all. Haridas Thakura, a 15th century cave dwelling saint, used to chant thousands of names of Krishna daily, he joyfully chanted day and night without any fatigue, and always preached about Krishna to others.  

Krishna too confirms in Gita 10.9, “The thoughts of My pure devotees dwell in Me, their lives are fully devoted to My service, and they derive great satisfaction and bliss from always enlightening one another and conversing about Me.”

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