Thursday, January 29, 2015

Are we working on any plan simultaneously for next life?

Political parties and their leaders are fighting to change the fortune of the so called unfortunate people in Delhi assembly election. All are promising that if voted to power they will make all the powerless people powerful enough to decide their destiny.  Food, clothing, shelter, jobs, water, electricity, security and what not are being promised. And the gullible masses are hoping that their dreams would materialize soon.  Looking for a good life isn’t wrong. In fact we all should always try to improve our life. Because it is only us who have been gifted with the ability and intelligence to choose and improve our future. Animals do not have this creative faculty. Have we ever seen a bird decorating their nest so that it looks better than the earlier one? Or looking for food which tastes better? Never. Other than humans no other specifies ever try to ameliorate their life. They just exist to live.  

For a better tomorrow we humans strategize and invest our time and energy. Our approach is to have ample amount of luxury and assurance of security.  This we assume will help us to be happy in this world.  But what about our happiness beyond this world and body?  We all know that we do not have a permanent visa to be in this world. And one day we would be asked to leave our body and march towards next destination.  Are we working on any plan simultaneously for next life?  If not then aren’t we putting our future at great risk? Animals don’t have the intelligence to think beyond satisfying their senses but we humans do. This is why revered scriptures continuously prods us that while being in this world we should also prepare ourselves for life after death. In fact scriptures inform us that we can even get an opportunity to enter into the kingdom of God where there is no misery and no death. We can live there forever.

In Gita 8.21, Krishna informs — That which the Vedantists describe as unmanifest and infallible, that which is known as the supreme destination, that place from which, having attained it, one never returns – that is My supreme abode.

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