Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Every individual has to fly his own plane

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Our individuality never loses its primacy and sheen whether we are in the spiritual world or in the ephemeral material universe. The only difference being that in the spiritual world we use our free will to cooperate with Krishna’s will and in this world we prefer to disassociate ourselves from Krishna’s will.  The limited independence which has been granted to us by Krishna is akin to that of a cow tied to a pole with a rope. The cow can move freely only within the periphery of the rope but can’t go beyond it. Similarly in this world we have very limited opportunity and options to enjoy although we aspire more. 

As a soul, our desires never cease to exist. Now if our desires are spiritual then we can easily go back to Krishna and live happily with him but if we crave for sensual pleasures then we remain bound in this world where we are beset with troubles. How we exercise our free will plays a pivotal role in deciding our destiny.  No one can interfere with our free will, not even Krishna interferes.

Srila Prabhupada although laid great emphasis on practicing devotional life in association with the devotees but he also asseverated that in the spiritual journey every individual has to fly his own plane. Every spiritual seeker has to assimilate this meaningful message of Srila Prabhupada and with determination should strive for spiritual perfection.  

Unless and until we are actuated with the desire and drive for attaining love of God, the goal will elude us. The path leading to the spiritual kingdom is inviting us, several seekers of truth are enthusiastically travelling on it and are also extending their helping hand towards us, now the onus is on us to hold their hand and walk with them or continue to remain bereft of the extraordinary opportunity of entering into Krishna’s abode.

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