Sunday, October 5, 2014

Devotion with determination opens the gate for perfection

When sun rises in the morning then the sun rays is not so prominent but gradually as the day progresses the brightness becomes stronger and finally the rays illumines everything eating the darkness.  Similarly, while endeavouring for anything we may not be able to see much tangible results immediately but if we persist then slowly the result will start becoming visible.  Any progress is gradual and so it is always recommended that we should have patience while treading a path. 

The spiritual seekers who have voluntarily chosen the path of devotional life are required to practice the process of devotional life with steady determination. Many a times we wonder why we are not experiencing the inner calmness and bliss which is associated with devotion even though we have been practicing devotional life for many years.  The mind still dwells on sensory objects and the senses continue demanding attention. It looks like the process is not working for us. But this is not true.

In childhood when we were learning to ride a bicycle then we fell from it several times. But after regular practice a day came when we were able to ride without falling. It was fun. We eventually even started racing with our friends.

Similarly if we continue with determined devotion braving all difficulties then Krishna’s grace will eventually dawn upon us. Also our regular chanting and shadana is not going in vain, it is perfecting our lives although we may not be able to experience the effect now. Our heart is getting cleansed of unwanted qualities and the love of God is slowly blossoming in our heart. And if we practice devotional life with grit for a long time then ultimately it will start creating an impact. In fact if we are resolute in our purpose and our aim is Krishna (Gita 2.41) then it is guaranteed that we would succeed in attaining love of God one day.

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