Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fight for Krishna without fright

The unequivocal message of Krishna to Arjuna was that you better die in the battle instead of thinking running away from the battle. Krishna just before the beginning of the war taught Arjuna the real meaning of renunciation.  Renunciation does not mean simply to abdicate ones responsibility and run away from the world. Renunciation means to give up all the false attachment to this world and to give up all the attachment for selfish desire in this world and to give up all desire for sense gratification in this world.  
To establish and to protect the religious principles are of prime importance and every one of us should be working hard in that direction. Krishna is delighted when we dovetail our activities as per his message.  And he celebrates when we spread his pristine message to others helping people to lead a Krishna Conscious life. Krishna goes on to declare that those who explain this transcendental science to all is certain to receive pure devotional service and after leaving their body they would without fail return back to him (Gita 18.68).

Srila Prabhupada taught us by his personal example the importance of teaching Krishna conscious philosophy to the world. He travelled each and every nook and corner of the world at a very old age to inundate the life of people with Krishna’s love. We too can make our human birth meaningful if we also along with practicing devotional life start devoting time in spreading the timeless teachings of Krishna.  At home, at work place, in the neighbourhood, in our social circle and wherever possible we can inspire people to lead a pure life based on the wisdom of Bhagavad Gita. 

Krishna’s commandment to Arjuna was to better die and Arjuna fought fearlessly without caring for his death and emerged victorious. If we too fight without fright to establish a Krishna conscious society then naturally success will be ours. And most importantly it will make Krishna happy.

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