Monday, July 14, 2014

Supreme Lord reciprocates with his fans but the stars of this world shatter the sentiments of their fans

Film stars, sports stars, rock stars, politicians, rich and mighty have innumerable fan following. Their fans surround their senses with the images of their beloved stars, decorate their houses with their pictures and keep each and every update of their favourite celebrity. They have a dream to meet their icons at least once in their life. They want to touch them to feel, want to shake hands with them, get their pictures cliqued with them and if possible have breakfast/lunch/dinner with them. But sadly their dreams never come true. The famous celebrities are not even bothered about their fans. There are many incidents when the fans have been thrashed by the security guards of the stars. Even celebrities sometimes slap their followers. People spend their time, energy and money eulogising their idols; they fiercely defend them when someone speaks some unpalatable words against their favourite luminaries. But in spite of all their sacrifices, they end up being humiliated and slapped. One of the famous stars who have lakhs of following was seen spitting on his fans when they had assembled in front of his house to just have a glimpse of him. So shocking!

Now contrast this with the love which God, the creator of this world, bestows upon each living entity.  He cares for all, loves all and reciprocates with all.  When Sudama, an extremely poor brahmana, went to see Krishna then Krishna got up from his gold studded throne and ran to receive him.  Upon seeing Sudama, the lord embraced him.  Once Lord Vishnu was having his meal and Lakshmi was by his side. Immediately Lord Vishnu got up and started running. Lakshmi was surprised. Then after few minutes Vishnu returned back bit unhappy. Lakshmi asked what had happened. Why did he run frantically and why did he return so soon? Vishnu replied that one person was being attacked by a ferocious tiger and he called my name so I ran to help him. But soon the person forgot me and made his own arrangement.  He does not need me anymore. So I came back. This is the love of the Lord for his devotees. He is ever ready to be with us when we need him.

Stars of this world are mortal beings, they are infinitesimal. Their name and fame stays with them for a limited period of time. But the Supreme Lord is the eternal superstar and he has tremendous love for us. So why not we become his fan instead of becoming the fans of the lesser mortals who have no respect for our emotions. In fact if we take just a single step towards the Supreme Lord then he takes hundreds of steps towards us. He even gives us the knowledge to reach him, “To those who are constantly devoted to serving Me with love, I give the understanding by which they can come to Me.” Bhagavad Gita 10.10

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