Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Light the fire and frighten the enemies

What happens when a forest catches fire? Immediately all the poisonous snakes, scorpions and deadly animals start screaming and running for life. It becomes impossible for them to survive there. The fire is so huge that they can’t douse it. They become totally miserable.

Devotional service to the Supreme God is also like lightening the fire to drive away all dangerous creatures from our life. Intolerance, egotism, greed, jealousy, suspicion, revenge, rashness, conceit, cupidity etc. most of the time control us. These impurities degrade our consciousness, lower our dignity and destroy our life completely. No amount of material means and endeavour equips us with any formidable weapon to overpower these foes. This is why we see people having highest of material education, wealth, power and fame often exhibit these traits.

The only way to subdue these inner enemies is by seeking refuge of the Almighty God. He is our only hope. Almighty means mightiest of all and if he takes charge of our life, which he promises to do if we approach him, then who can dare to even think of harming us. Even a beginner can be sure of God’s protection. If a foreigner just puts his feet inside the Indian Territory then immediately he comes under the jurisdiction of the Indian government. Similarly the moment we decide to take refuge of God then immediately God takes charge of our life and does everything to protect and purify us. In Gita 18.66., Krishna assures that those who have decided to surrender to him should not fear anything. There is an opportunity for us to ameliorate our life by bringing Krishna in. Once the devotional fire is lit and with endeavour sustained then within no time all the dangerous animals residing in our heart for eons will start fleeing.

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