Monday, July 21, 2014

Know Krishna by knowing his attributes

Gita has in total 18 chapters. Bhakti yoga which is the highest among all the yogas is explained from 7th to 12th chapters.  7th Chapter is called “Knowledge of the Absolute”, here one gets to know about Krishna and his all the opulence which qualifies him as the Supreme God. Knowing Krishna is simple but it is not easy to be always simple. Only a genuine humble person who is free from ego and has a desire to think beyond this material world will actually inquire about the ultimate truth and will endeavour in that direction. One can be a great scholar, philosopher and even religionist but still they won’t be able to understand God. They may use many lofty arguments, word jugglery and mental speculation but they will always be bereft of love of God unless they give up their desire to separately enjoy this world. They may also read Gita umpteen number of times and also write their own commentary but in spite of these they will not know the goal of Gita which is to surrender to Krishna.

We should not get confused by such material pundits whose consciousness is stuck up in this material world. As spiritualists our topmost priority is to know Krishna and to develop love for him.
Chapter 7 gives us information about Krishna. The below acronym (HEAD) best describe this chapter:

  • H: Hear about Krishna and his energies.
  • E: How to see him Everywhere
  • A: Who Accept Krishna and who Reject Him?
  • D: Who are Demigods and how all the demigods are subordinate to Krishna.

Once we have the understanding of Krishna then our love for him will fructify. Currently we all have forgotten Krishna and our relationship with him. This chapter addresses this problem and gives complete knowledge of the attributes of Krishna and how he is the source of everything. It nourishes our intelligence and helps us to reconnect with him.

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