Saturday, July 12, 2014

Drug, Sex, Death

A high profile, ultra rich executive of world’s one of the topmost firm was found dead on a yacht due to drug overdose. He had gone there with a prostitute who left him there dying when the executive was struggling for life. According to newspaper reports, the prostitute has many such top executives as her client and she charges hefty amount for her services.

The person had everything – name, fame, money and he was also married.  Still such a disgraceful exit from this world. What does the incident prove? That material success isn’t a guarantee for pure life. Of course there is no harm in endeavouring for a successful life in this world.  But along with that we constantly need to monitor our life’s compass to check if we are going in the right direction or are deviating towards a wrong path. The test is pretty simple. If our fascination for wealth, women (or men) and wine (drug) is increasing then obviously we are inviting disaster.  No amount of sex or drug is going to give us any pleasure. In fact they are going to make us more miserable each time we indulge into it.

Many mistakenly think that drug and sex is the gateway to happiness but actually it ruins a person’s life. Lust is the strongest chain which binds a person in this world and this is why Krishna says that lust is one of the gateways to hell (Gita 16.21). Fascination for opposite sex drives almost everyone crazy.  And getting out of it is extremely difficult but not impossible. It is true that there are infinite amount of impurities in our heart. But if we take shelter of God then ultimately he will purify us. Just like the sun which purifies large swatches of filthy places once it rises. Krishna promises in Gita 18.66 “Surrender all varieties of religion and just surrender unto me I will deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.”

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