Friday, July 18, 2014

Being superior our accomplishments are sometimes sensational

Technologically we are now very advanced, we claim. We can shoot satellites in the space and send rockets to different planets. We can now communicate with each other although being thousands of kilometers away from them. Indeed an incredible achievement. Now before we start singing paeans about our accomplishments let us pause for a moment and reflect on things which are extremely important for our survival – water, food and oxygen (air). Whether one is a Nobel laureate, a millionaire, an uneducated or a pauper, everyone needs these basic things to exist in this world. And the fact is that in spite of all the brouhaha about the achievements we haven’t succeeded in creating, manufacturing or designing any of these things. Yes, we have been considerably successful in polluting these life sustaining stuffs – water pollution, air pollution, food poisoning have become so common.  These basic elements still come from nature. And nature works as per the plan and design of the Lord.

Having said this we also have to accept that human beings have been able to manufacture plethora of gadgets & gizmos which we use in our daily activities.  And the people who did this needs to be appreciated for their accomplishments. However if we reflect through the words of the scriptures then we would come to know the secret behind all these great works. Although the books are pretty old but the truths and facts elucidated in it are eternal and still continue to remain unchallenged.  These books describes that all living beings are part of Lord’s superior energy (para prakriti) and all the things of this world viz. earth, water, fire, air and other resources belong to his inferior energy (apara prakriti).  It later explains that living beings being superior has the capability of using (or manipulating) the resources of this world. We can use the earth to build buildings and bridges, iron and steel to manufacture motor vehicles, water to generate electricity and so on.  Not just the human beings but even the animals have the intelligence to use things of this world for their use. Birds build complicated but beautiful nests. Little honey bees collect huge amount of honeys displaying their extraordinary engineering skills. In fact sometimes we do something very sensational beyond our imagination. But all the intelligence, the knowledge, the energy, the enthusiasm and the resources to do these marvellous works has been given to us by God.

And so while achieving something phenomenal we should thank God for the ability and the resources.

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