Thursday, May 22, 2014

Krishna is ready to send a flying chariot for us!

In spite of many challenging circumstances, Saint Tukaram never lost hope and continued practicing devotional life with full enthusiasm. He always had tremendous faith in the mercy of the Lord and spent each and every moment of his life in chanting the holy names of the Lord and in glorifying His innumerable transcendental qualities. He never nurtured any material desire and never got attracted to name, fame and money. When Shivaji, the great Maratha king, tried to entice him by sending gold, emeralds, diamonds and many other valuable gifts then Tukaram flatly refused. Since his heart was attracted to the lotus feet of the beautiful Lord so the beautiful things of this material world which attracts the lesser mortals like us appeared ugly to him. Shivaji understood the purity of this great saint and bowed at his feet. It is said that we are where our mind is. Tukaram’s mind was always preoccupied with the name of Krishna; he always meditated on the attractive form and unforgettable pastimes of the Lord. Although he lived in this world but he was not of this world.

He was so dear to the Lord that Lord personally took the responsibility of bringing him back to the spiritual abode. A gorgeous chariot directly descended from the Vaikunta to take him back. Tukaram was ready for it but while going back to his original home, he also asked his wife to accompany him. But sadly she refused to the utter shock of all. He requested her again and again but she felt that she will be happier in this world with her children, in her home and in this material world. She forgot that everything in this world is temporary and one day she will be forced to leave all. She had a great opportunity to reunite with her spiritual family but she let it go. Tukaram being a pure devotee of the Lord knew that all the material attachments which bind a person in this world are useless. An intelligent person willingly renounces everything and takes shelter of the lotus feet of the Lord which is the only source of permanent happiness.

Tukaram happily boarded the chariot and bid good bye to all. He waved to all, thanked all and singing the holy names of the Lord returned to the spiritual world. Krishna is very eager to take us back and is ever ready to send a chariot for us too.  But are we ready to go back to the Lord’s abode?  

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