Saturday, August 3, 2013

Spiritualize the mind

Our mind gets clogged because we stuff it with unproductive substance. We have the very famous GIGO principle – Garbage in Garbage Out. What goes inside will eventually come out. If we expose a computer to a virus prone program then eventually the computer will start malfunctioning. Similarly, if we   infest our mind with hazardous impressions then eventually our life will be in a mess. A disturbed and agitated mind brings chaos to personal and professional life.  Whatever we see, hear or speak gets permanently stored in our mind. Our mind is the storehouse of all past, present and future experiences. If one is too much prone to watch vulgar or violent movies or remains in association of those who are pessimists then sooner or later one’s mind gets dominated by vulgar, violent or pessimistic thoughts.  So it is imperative that we feed our mind with right ingredients – positive and healthy thoughts.

But subduing mind is indeed a Herculean task.  Arjuna, the mighty warrior, who had the strength to conquer the whole world, expresses his inability to tame the mind. Krishna agrees with Arjuna that controlling mind is indeed very difficult but also assures Arjuna that it is not impossible. With practice and detachment we can gradually win our mind. “Lord Sri Krishna said: O mighty-armed son of Kunti, it is undoubtedly very difficult to curb the restless mind, but it is possible by suitable practice and by detachment”. (Bhagavad – Gita 6.35)

Detachment & Practice

Whenever our mind wanders we need to bring it back. The exercise would be tiring and sometimes we may even fail. But if we persevere then gradually we would be able to restrain our mind to a great extent. A jockey, while controlling his horse, neither applies too much force nor gives excessive freedom to the horse. We too will have to slowly restrain and restrict our mind. But all these efforts will go in vain if the mind does not get any positive engagements to focus on. We may apply force and bring back our mind but after bringing back we need to provide some object on which mind can focus. As we all know that we cannot empty the mind. So the only way to effectively subdue the mind is by focusing it on something positive.

Our mind focuses on those objects where it assumes that it will get pleasure. So, once we provide a higher taste to the mind then automatically it will start focusing on the object where it derives maximum pleasure. Transcendental pleasure is the highest of all the pleasures. And the practice of Krishna consciousness will open the gateway of transcendental pleasure. Hearing and chanting the names of Krishna is the most effective way to get detached from wrong thoughts and get attached to devotional thoughts.

We also need to regularly scan our mind to diagnose if there are any impurities still clogging our mind. And simultaneously we need to meticulously refrain our mind from getting allured by materialistic thoughts. The success will not happen overnight. We need to diligently endeavor for detachment from sense gratification and attachment to devotional life.

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