Thursday, July 25, 2013

Have we forgotten the key?

After returning back from a day’s hard work all the 4 friend’s found that the lift of the building is not working.  Their flat was on the 29th floor and they lived together. Now they had no option but to climb the stairs. They decided that to make the journey painless all of them will tell a story on the way. So, everyone told a story to keep others amused & happy.  When the turn of the last friend came to tell a story they had almost reached 28th floor & were eagerly waiting to reach their flat & relax.  The 4th friend was not sharing his story. After a long pause he said, “I have something very serious to tell you all but i fear that i will be chided. Unfortunately i forgot the key of the room downstairs.”  All the friends were shocked and were speechless.

During our life’s journey while climbing the ladder of success we also tend to forgot the key – the key to ultimate happiness.  Material position & possessions will not bring permanent happiness; at the most it will give us a temporary relief from humdrum life. The surest & permanent path to happiness is by leading a God centered life.  Krishna too confirms in Bhagavad – Gita that leading a spiritual life is a guarantee of unlimited happiness (Bhagavad – Gita 5.21).

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