Saturday, October 20, 2012

When Krishna blinks & When he does not blink?

Krishna has a unique quality – he blinks his eyes & he does not blink his eyes. Krishna blinks to overlook our mistakes & he never blinks when he sees us sincerely being engaged in devotional service.

In this world we find just the opposite. People blink when you do something good to them and never blink if you are doing something which is unpalatable to them.

For e.g. A person may work tirelessly for a company but the company does not hesitate even for a moment to throw him out, if the management feels that the person is no longer profitable for the organization. Parents spend their entire life serving their children but when the children grow up they discard their parents thinking them to be a burden.

But Krishna is not like that. He remembers even our tinniest of contribution and repays it back in multiples. Once when Krishna’s finger was cut then Draupadi tore her sari and wrapped it around Krishna’s finger. Krishna saw Draupadi’s love without blinking his eyes. He was so pleased with her service. And when Draupadi was being disrobed then he repaid it by providing her unlimited saris.

When Putana came to kill little Krishna then Krishna blinked. He blinked because he wanted to overlook her demoniac mentality. Instead he focused on the fact that the lady wanted to serve him by offering her milk to him. This pleased Krishna and he decided to reward her. As a reward she became a nurse in the spiritual world and got an opportunity to serve Krishna.

This is Krishna’s greatness. He loves us even though we don’t love him. So, just imagine how much he will love us when we start loving him.

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