Thursday, September 27, 2012

We are not God & we can never be God

The thought that we can become God is very dangerous. God is eternally God and we are eternally His parts and parcels, His servitors. It is true that qualitatively we are same as God but quantitatively there is an ocean of difference. Scriptures says that Krishna, God, has six opulences in full: all wealth, all fame, all beauty, all power, all knowledge and all renunciation. We the jivas, the living entities, too possess these qualities but in very minute quantities. Krishna has 64 qualities and the living entity can possess 78% of these qualities. The living entity can never possess all 100%.

If we are saying that we are God but we have forgotten that we are God then this is also insubstantial. God never forgets. If God is subjected to forgetfulness or Maya, Illusion, then Maya would be more powerful than God. Then what would be the meaning of the word God?

Since we have a desire to become God, this is why we have fallen into this material world. We have to accept the fact that we are always subservient to God and we are His infinitesimal parts and parcels. And since we are infinitesimal so we are always deluded by the material energy.

When Krishna appeared in this world then He appeared first in a four – handed Visnu form. Krishna did not do any meditation or anything else to become God. He was God from the day He appeared in this material world to perform His lila. He killed Putana when He was just 7 days old. He lifted the Govardhan hill when He was just a few years old child, in the battlefield of Kurushetra He displayed His Vishvarupa (Universal Form) to Arjuna and performed several other incredible pastimes which no one ever has performed. Can we do these remarkable deeds? We don’t have control even on our bodies. If we have toothache then we cry in pain and take shelter of a painkiller.

So we have to understand from the scriptures that we are not God & we can never become God.

If we want to be Krishna Conscious then we have to refer Bhagavad – Gita because Bahgavad – gita was personally spoken by Krishna.  If we want to understand Krishna then we need to understand Bhagavad – Gita.

The Bhagavad – gita clearly states that we are not God and we will never become God.

dvav imau purusau loke ksaras caksaras eva ca

ksarah sarvani bhutani kutastho ksara ucyate

“There are two classes of beings, the fallible and the infallible. In the material world every entity is fallible, and in the spiritual world every entity is called infallible (Bhagavad – gita 15.16).”

Bhagavad – Gita further states:

uttamah purusas tv anyah paramatmety udahrtah

yo loka trayam avisya bibharty avyaya ishvarah

“Besides these two there is the greatest living personality, the Lord Himself, who has entered into these worlds and is maintaining them” (Bhagavad – gita 15.17)

It is clearly stated that there are innumerable living entities some of them are conditioned and some are liberated, there is also the Supreme Personality who is also the Paramatma. Thus we can clearly infer that living entities whether in conditioned state or liberated state are always subordinate to God.


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