Monday, January 31, 2011

11 Krishna Conscious Capsules

  • When Lord Krishna appeared in this material world to perform his pastimes, then he killed many demons when he was an infant only.
  • As a child he lifted the huge Govardhan Mountain to protect his devotees.
  • Krishna did not practice any kind of meditation or followed any process to become God.
  • In today’s world there are many so called yogis or sanyasis who fool the people by saying that one can also become God by practicing meditation or by chanting some secret mantras.
  • In Sri Isopanisad Lord is described by the word ‘paribhuh’ i.e. greatest of all.
  • A living entity can never become equal to the Lord.
  • Constitutional position of the living entities is that he is always subservient to the Lord.
  • However since the living entities want to enjoy separately from the Lord so he has to descend on this material world.
  • In this material world a living entity has to accept a material body
  • The lord awards a material body to the living entities as per their desires.
  • Thus the living entities get entrapped into the vicious cycle of birth & death until they realize the folly of the material world & finally decide to return 'Back to Godhead'.

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